My dear friends and followers, this blog is nearing its third birthday and has been existing in limbo.

While I initially started this project with a huge amount of passion, most of that inspiration retracted within the first few months. The rest of it slowly withered away with time through inconsistent postings, content, and vision. The biggest problem I had in maintaining this blog was finding a purpose and a message that I felt was making a positive difference in the world. I didn’t feel inspired to share my voice because I didn’t feel that my content was impactful.

While the message of owning your individuality and using style as a means to express creativity and originality is one that still resonates strongly with me, I’ve found a new passion to incorporate that message with one that will make a lasting environmental impact on this Earth.

From here on out, The Sensible Fay is a blog aimed at helping others find their contribution in this world, starting with conscious, sustainable, and fair-trade fashion. Where and how you spend your money is important. Let your contribution be a statement towards your beliefs and what you stand for in today’s capitalism-run society. I am dedicated to inspiring others to make a difference by being thoughtful, impactful, and deliberate in the little things, like everyday purchases.

The Sensible Fay is a blog dedicated to the informed, practical, impactful, and modern lady.


Current Skincare Routine

IMG_1294Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something related to beauty. This is my current skincare routine. Hope you enjoy!

image4Cleanse: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
I simply pump a little onto my fingertips and apply in a circular motion to my face. It definitely does a great job at deep cleaning the skin.

IMG_1162Tone: Simple Skincare Water Boost Micellar Water
Typically, I’ll soak a cotton pad and run it lightly over the skin on my face and neck. This micellar water does a decent job of removing any leftover makeup or debris that is sitting on the surface and is gentle enough so that my skin doesn’t feel stripped after I use it.

Essence: Caudalie Vinoperfect Essence Concentrate Eclat
First off, this packaging! I love the silver detailing in the grapes and the bottle is so beautiful and sleek. The essence itself is a little tacky and because of that, I like to apply it with my fingertips and gently pat all over my face and neck. It smells nice; is moisturizing and brightening, but leave a little stickiness after application.


Moisturize: Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter
Again, packaging! I bought this product in hopes of finding something that would support my skin as the seasons transitioned from brutal winters to a more tender springs. I love that this product is light but still carries deep moisture. It’s smooth in application and it doesn’t wear like a heavy cream. Definitely my favorite moisturizer in a long time.

image5Eye Cream: Lancome Genifique  Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream
A simple eye cream. It’s almost gel-like in texture and is very light on application. I don’t feel like it does too much for the small creases beginning to form around my eye, but hey, it was a sample, so who’s complaining?

image3Lip: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
This jelly lip mask will keep your lips hydrated throughout the night and leave them plump and soft in the morning. It smells and tastes almost like chapstick, which I’m neither for nor against, but does a great job at moisturizing. If I feel like my lips are excessively dry, I’ll sometimes use it as a gloss during the day as well. A little goes a long way and this mask will last you a long time.

What’s your skincare routine look like?

Three Ways to Style a Robe Wrap Dress


Hi guys! Happy spring! In the spirit of change, I’m back with something a little different this time. Instead of featuring just one outfit and one way of styling, here are three different ways to style your robe wrap dress.





The first way to wear your wrap dress is simply as the dress it was meant to be. I’ve chosen this vibrant yellow number and paired it with a black trench, classic pointed pumps, and dangling silver earrings.




This is a look that works for a daytime meeting  and translates just as well into dinner with associates or even with a loved one. The black trench says business and sophistication but the fun dress underneath shows personality.






Dress: Floral Flounced Wrap Dress, H&M
Coat: Lightweight Trenchcoat, H&M
Heels: Pointed Black Pumps, A.So
Earrings: Silver Rectangular Earrings, Canal Street Market


Secondly, you can wear your dress as a form of outerwear. Here, I’ve used the dress as a layering element over a simple black romper. My hair is pulled back and I’ve paired the look with chunky sky-high platform boots for an edgier, street feel.






Wrap: Floral Flounced Wrap Dress, H&M
Romper: Polka Dot Romper, H&M
Boots: Black Platform Boots, Aldo

 DSC_0008 (1)-3

Lastly, an easy way to break down a dress is to make it into a skirt! I’ve paired this with a cropped burgundy tank and easy sandals. The top happens to be the exact same color as the flowers and brings a cohesive element to the look.



DSC_0019 (1)-7



Skirt: Floral Flounced Wrap Dress, H&M
Top: Burgundy Crop Tank, Brandy Melville
Boots: Strappy Sandals, H&M

Which look was your favorite?

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Spring Casual


Hey y’all! I’ve just moved to Nashville and the weather here is much nicer than it is in New York.



As a move-in present, my boyfriend bought me this super cute hoodie. It’s made with a lightweight cotton material and is perfect for layering on chilly spring nights. The design features a graphic fox print with paddles on the back.



The people here are very serious about their blue jeans and boots but sticking true to my northeast background, I’ve kept it city-chic with black platform boots and lightly distressed skinny jeans.








Hoodie: Price&Fox Hoodie, Aeropostale
Jeans: Distressed Blue Jeans, Zara
Boots: Black Platform Boots, Aldo

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Happy 2018!


This outfit is inspired by a mix of leftover holiday cheer and the anticipation of Valentine’s Day. For the first time in years, I’m in a solid relationship and am actually looking forward to spending time with the one I love. The star of this look is a periwinkle crushed velvet mini dress. The sweetheart-esque neckline with ruched detailing and short sleeves bring out a romantic feeling appropriate for date night out.




I’ve paired the dress with velvet stilettos for the utmost height and fun rectangular earrings to contrast.




Do you have any go-to date night outfits?

Dress: UO Maeve Crushed Velvet Ruched Dress, Urban Outfitters
Heels: Black Velvet Stilettos, Steve Madden
Earrings: Silver Rectangular Earrings, Canal Street Market

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Bird of Paradise


Hi friends! Here in NY, we’re still in the heat of summer but autumn is slowly making its appearance known with diminishing daylight and chillier mornings. My outfit is centered around this bright and colorful bird of paradise dress. Because the print is contrasted against a black background, it almost has a graphic and urban feel. The fit is loose and comfortable but with a structured neckline. I’ve styled it with chunky sandals and a black choker for an edgy look.










 Dress: Bird of Paradise Print Dress, H&M
Sandals: DABBLE Two Part Sandals, Topshop
Choker: Black Chain Choker, H&M

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Hi friends! Keeping with the athleisure trend, I’ve style a workout outfit for this week. It showcases a cropped long-sleeve top with mesh leggings and supportive sneakers.







What do you normally exercise in?

 Top: Cropped Sweatshirt, H&M
Leggings: Mesh Leggings, Forever21
Sneakers: Black Sneakers, Asics

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