Local Feature: Frothy Monkey

One thing that bring me immense pleasure in life is finding a small hideaway within a bustling city. Cafes and bars are havens that I seek to garner solitude, collaboration, inspiration, and connection. This series is dedicated to the local Nashville food and beverage scene.

Frothy Monkey is a local Nashville chain that has been around since 2004. It was one of the first coffeehouses that transformed the 12th South Nashville neighborhood into the shopping and leisure district that it is today. Although the location that I frequent isn’t the original one, the feelings of coziness and approachability have translated well into their 5th Ave. location. Their menu is chef-driven and the company looks to improve relationships with farmers and those who care about ingredients while also holding quality, creativity, and approachability at the center of their values.

Frothy Monkey on 5th Ave. is a two-story shop with lots of open, natural lighting. The service is always friendly and their coffee and bar selections are extensive. The decor is typical of what you might find in the neighborhood–lots of exposed brick walls and casual, unassuming wooden furniture. The space is generous and easily adapted to an individual’s needs.

When you stop in, be sure to try one of their seasonal coffeehouse drinks as well as their delicious sandwiches!

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