Wedding Shopping


Wedding season is a fun and stressful time for both the wedding party and the guests involved. Outfit hunting with conscious fashion in mind can be limiting and expensive. One way around that challenge is thrift shopping! Buying second-hand is environmentally friendly and budget friendly. An easy example is this foxy purple piece that I scored at Vacation, a local thrift shop in San Francisco.


What caught my eye was the vibrant yet unobtrusive color and what really sold me was the strap detailing in the back. One of the hardest parts about wedding shopping is finding a look that stands out but doesn’t overshadow the bride’s dress. Pastels with interesting details are an easy and safe bet.



If nothing fits or catches your eye at the local thrift shop, an easy one-stop shop would be Reformation. They have a segment specifically for wedding parties!



Do you have any tips or tricks for wedding season?

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Shopping

  1. A very elegant dress!
    You are beautiful with this one, it suits you perfectly
    A good choice, which I will absolutely adopt …
    Thank you for this idea.


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