5 Tips to Make Thrift Shopping Less of a Nightmare




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I’ve had the honor of finding some incredible steals from thrift shops but believe me, the process is not an easy one. Here are five tips that help me sort through massive heaps of clothing.

  1. Know what you’re looking for
    • What helps with thrift shopping is having a clear understanding of your closet and your style. Know the cuts, lengths, and colors will assimilate easily into your current wardrobe. Know if you’re shopping for a certain season or if you’re looking for something that will carry into future seasons as well.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take a risk
    • The fun thing about thrift shopping is that you can really find some unique pieces. Don’t be afraid to try out new cuts, textiles, and prints. I don’t typically wear prints, but this fall-floral skirt was so stunning that I HAD to have it!
  3. Always put quality and fit above everything else
    • Make sure that the seams are put together well and that they life flat. Double check that there are no stains that you can’t cover up or modify. Of course you can take a piece to a tailor if it’s one that you must, must, MUST have, but more often than not, fit and quality can be the difference between buying it and leaving it behind.
  4. Take a peek in the accessories selection
    • There are truly some unique gems that I’ve found during my time shopping. This silver collar that I found at Vacation, a thrift shop in San Francisco, caught my eye because the design was so simple and elegant.
  5.  Be mindful of time
    • Know exactly how much time you have to shop and be mindful of urgency. When in doubt, hit up a smaller thrift store. Goodwills are great for huge steals, but because of the quantity of goods, they do really take up a lot more time. Allow smaller thrift shops to be your introduction into browsing and once you get a hang of it, take on larger and larger stores.

Top: Strappy Rose Crop Top, H&M
Skirt: Fall Floral Boho Dress, Thrifted
Collar: Silver Collar, Thrifted
Shoes: Simple Sandals, Steve Madden

Do you guys have any thoughts or tips that you’d like to share?

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