WOW! It’s already December! For this outfit, I drew some utilitarian inspiration from my senior girl scout uniform and paired cropped navy slacks with a cozy yet structured beige sweater. My rugged Doc Martens add an industrial practicality as I roamed around the old stomping grounds of my elementary school. Sweater: Brooklyn V-Neck Pullover, Gap Pants:…

Autumn Sun

Black Friday was surprisingly warm this year. I took the opportunity to cut back on what lately seems to be a massive amount of layers, and chose to wear a thin outfit instead. I paired my collared black sweater with velvet mary janes for a preppy vibe and contrasted my all-black outfit with a pop of…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I shacked up at a hotel in Cambridge and wanted an outfit that was casual, a little sensual, and would express who I was in one statement.


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