Bird of Paradise


Hi friends! Here in NY, we’re still in the heat of summer but autumn is slowly making its appearance known with diminishing daylight and chillier mornings. My outfit is centered around this bright and colorful bird of paradise dress. Because the print is contrasted against a black background, it almost has a graphic and urban feel. The fit is loose and comfortable but with a structured neckline. I’ve styled it with chunky sandals and a black choker for an edgy look.










 Dress: Bird of Paradise Print Dress, H&M
Sandals: DABBLE Two Part Sandals, Topshop
Choker: Black Chain Choker, H&M

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Hi friends! Keeping with the athleisure trend, I’ve style a workout outfit for this week. It showcases a cropped long-sleeve top with mesh leggings and supportive sneakers.







What do you normally exercise in?

 Top: Cropped Sweatshirt, H&M
Leggings: Mesh Leggings, Forever21
Sneakers: Black Sneakers, Asics

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Hello friends!

No more hiatus! It’s been an insane year of transitions and experimentation but ultimately, I’m back and now more resolved than ever.

This is a daytime look inspired by summertime picnics spent chatting with close friends. It showcases a polka dot crop top, lace-up wedge sandals, a flowy skirt, and the ever-trendy choker.



The top is a mint green color with white polka dot detailing. It is built well with straps and a second layer of fabric covering the breast area so that even without a bra, the bust is subtly supported. The print echoes the playfulness of an outdoor excursion.



The forest green skirt features an elastic waist to accommodate a potential food baby and there are high slits on both sides to allow for mobility without exposure.

Strappy blue-grey wedges allow for comfortable, yet fashionable prancing.



Summertime is all about shimmering, bronzed skin and I felt that a golden choker would do well as an accessory to highlight the collarbone.



Do you have any go-to outfits for summertime activities?

 Top: Polka Dot Crop Top, Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Forest Green Skirt , Zara
Shoes: Strappy Wedge, Aldo
Choker: Golden Star Choker, H&M

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Hello dear readers, you may not know this, but I recently moved back to New York after having spent my last 4 years in Boston.

After moving back, I got closer to someone that I had known while I was there, but never really grew to be more than just acquaintances with. He visited me during his trip down to NY a month back, and it was my turn to return the favor!

I shacked up at a hotel in Cambridge and wanted an outfit that was casual, a little sensual, and would express who I was in one statement.


My choice was a little black dress, layered with a classic denim button up, and punked up with heeled Doc Martens.


The velvet texture of the minidress makes it a little more appropriate for cool weather. I’m a huge fan of using a large button up shirt as outerwear because it not only keeps me warm, but also gives the outfit casual undertones, and hints at a morning-after feel. 😉

I knew that we were going to be walking a fair amount, so I chose to wear my trusty Doc Martens. The heel is only an inch and a half tall, and the sole is made of their signature air-cushioned material, so while it aids with my silhouette, the boot itself is entirely functional. Additionally, Boston nights were getting frosty at that point, and I wanted to ensure that my toes would survive. Brrrr


Well there you have it, a typical look in my day! Thoughts?

Shirt: Oversized Denim Shirt, H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Alexandra, Dr. Martens

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