Happy 2018!


This outfit is inspired by a mix of leftover holiday cheer and the anticipation of Valentine’s Day. For the first time in years, I’m in a solid relationship and am actually looking forward to spending time with the one I love. The star of this look is a periwinkle crushed velvet mini dress. The sweetheart-esque neckline with ruched detailing and short sleeves bring out a romantic feeling appropriate for date night out.




I’ve paired the dress with velvet stilettos for the utmost height and fun rectangular earrings to contrast.




Do you have any go-to date night outfits?

Dress: UO Maeve Crushed Velvet Ruched Dress, Urban Outfitters
Heels: Black Velvet Stilettos, Steve Madden
Earrings: Silver Rectangular Earrings, Canal Street Market

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Autumn Sun


Black Friday was surprisingly warm this year. I took the opportunity to cut back on what lately seems to be a massive amount of layers, and chose to wear a thin outfit instead.

I paired my collared black sweater with velvet mary janes for a preppy vibe and contrasted my all-black outfit with a pop of color from my comfy and breathable shoes.


Shirt: Black Collared Sweater, Forever 21
Tights: Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings, American Apparel
Shoes: Velvet Mary Jane, Urban Outfitters

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Hello dear readers, you may not know this, but I recently moved back to New York after having spent my last 4 years in Boston.

After moving back, I got closer to someone that I had known while I was there, but never really grew to be more than just acquaintances with. He visited me during his trip down to NY a month back, and it was my turn to return the favor!

I shacked up at a hotel in Cambridge and wanted an outfit that was casual, a little sensual, and would express who I was in one statement.


My choice was a little black dress, layered with a classic denim button up, and punked up with heeled Doc Martens.


The velvet texture of the minidress makes it a little more appropriate for cool weather. I’m a huge fan of using a large button up shirt as outerwear because it not only keeps me warm, but also gives the outfit casual undertones, and hints at a morning-after feel. 😉

I knew that we were going to be walking a fair amount, so I chose to wear my trusty Doc Martens. The heel is only an inch and a half tall, and the sole is made of their signature air-cushioned material, so while it aids with my silhouette, the boot itself is entirely functional. Additionally, Boston nights were getting frosty at that point, and I wanted to ensure that my toes would survive. Brrrr


Well there you have it, a typical look in my day! Thoughts?

Shirt: Oversized Denim Shirt, H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Alexandra, Dr. Martens

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